Low Moisture Cleaning:
Buckingham, PA 18902

Need carpet cleaning services in Buckingham, PA 18902? Try our low moisture cleaning for a deep, thorough carpet cleaning that's dry and ready to use when we're finished.

Now you can have your carpet cleaned this afternoon and entertain tonight. Your carpet can look like new for you and your guests to enjoy. But looks aren't everything. Cleaning carpet with a low moisture method also removes the dirt, odors, allergens and other harmful contaminants that lurk in your carpet and upholstery.

Our low moisture cleaning method

begins with a thorough assessment of your carpet cleaning needs in Buckingham. Taking into consideration soil load, carpet fiber type, stains, traffic and wear patterns, furniture to be moved, pet or other odors, and any recommended services like carpet stain protection or carpet stretching and carpet repairs. Room sizes are measured and a written price quote is given.

With your approval we start the cleaning of your carpet with our "oscillating pad" machine. Our odor free, soap free, hypoallergenic, green seal certified cleaning agent, (safe for kids, pets and even the most chemically sensitive) is applied to your carpet as the oscillating pad agitates all sides of your carpet fiber.

The machine scrubs and removes the soil, allergens, bacteria, fungus, greasy and sticky soil that has bonded with the carpet fibers. A second pad is utilized to insure maximum soil removal and accelerate the drying process.

This cleaning method is much more than a "surface cleaning". Its deep cleaning ability loosens and brings to the surface dirt, hair, allergens, and other contaminants.  Even matted carpet and traffic patterns stand up. As a final step your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed and groomed leaving your carpet healthy, clean, bright, dry and ready to use.

No more wet carpet that seems to take forever to dry. The inconvenience to you and your family is minimized since the carpet can be put back into use immediately after cleaning. The best part is, low moisture cleaning isn't just limited to carpet cleaning. It's also a very effective method to clean upholstery, tile, grout and even wood flooring in the Buckingham, PA 18902 area.

Call 215-482-8304 today to schedule a free no obligation carpet assessment in Buckingham, PA 18902. Included with our free carpet assessment is one room of FREE carpet cleaning: we will clean ANY room in your home (up to 200 square feet), absolutely FREE - no obligation or other purchase necessary.

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