A Free 15 Minute Carpet Assessment

Considering carpet cleaning service? Get our free 15 minute carpet assessment. It's more than just an free estimate. It's a no cost, no obligation in depth assessment of your carpet that will tell you what your carpet needs are. Included with this free carpeting assessment is our gift to you: One room of Free carpet cleaning (up to 200 square feet).

To perform this free carpet assessment, I'll come to your home or place of business and here's exactly what I'll do:

1. First I'll cover all the problems your carpet has.
     I'll check for "unwanted" stains. I'll tell you whether or not they can be removed and how. This includes pet stains and other difficult stains. I'll check for loose or rippled carpet and tell you how to remove them.

2. I'll calculate the wear age of your carpet.
     Your carpet may be 12 years old but only have a wear age of 2 years. However, your carpet may be 2 years old but have a wear age of 12 years. I'll explain how long it will be before you will need to get new carpet and I'll give you a "prescription" to make your carpet last as long as possible.

3. I'll determine if your carpet is in good health.
     Oh, you've never thought of your carpet as having good or bad health. Well just like people, if a carpet is in bad health it will not live long. Healthy carpet is great for healthy wallets and for healthy people.

     Yes, your carpet's health can affect your and your family's health. Just like you track in dirt from the outside, you also track in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, asphalt, chemicals, dust, germs, pollens, tar, soot, and many others. These pollutants get lodged into your carpet just like dirt.

Clean Carpets Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

     You've heard the hype about indoor air being more polluted than outdoor air. Well, it's true. The main reason is because indoor air is trapped. Rarely does it get completely replaced. Outdoor air on the other hand gets blown away and new cleaner air replaces it.

     Trapped indoor air gets pollutants in it from your carpet. You drag them in, they get lodged in your carpet. Then when someone walks over them, they get re-dispersed into the air and you and your family breathe them. Over and over. That's why indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

     There is a way out of this vicious cycle. Getting your carpet cleaned thoroughly and regularly gets rid of these pollutants in your carpet.

4.  I'll also test your traffic areas.
     Traffic areas are the main spots that get walked on constantly. They usually visibly look more worn and dirtier. I'll tell you how you can make your traffic areas look as good as the rest of your carpet.

5.  After analyzing your carpet, I'll give you a complete written report of the condition of your carpet.

     I'll tell you what your carpet needs are.

     After your Free Carpet Assessment, I'll give you your free gift:

One Room Of Free Carpet Cleaning Up To 200 Square Feet.

There is absolutely NO cost and NO obligation. NO teeny, tiny print. NO strings attached.

     This will just give both you and me a way to get to know each other. You'll get to see how we turn tired, old carpet into plush new-looking, luxurious carpet - the kind you bought!

     If you totally fall in love with your one clean room, I'll give you a written quote of how much it'd be to make your whole house look that good! But only if you choose.

You see, my company is going to be here for a long, long time. If I were "pushy" or rude, I just wouldn't make it. Plus that's just not me! I make friends not enemies.

     And if you ever use my services, I'll be thrilled (and so will you). But if you don't, that's fine. There won't be any hard feelings.

     So take advantage of your free gift -

One Room Of Free Carpet Cleaning And A Free Carpet Assessment

     Just fill out the form below to schedule your Free Carpet Assessment plus your one room of cleaning today!  NOTE: Free Carpet Assessment and Free Room restricted to the service area.


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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