The Benefits of Carpet

The benefits of carpet have withstood the test of time since carpet was first utilized as a floor covering. As a wall to wall floor covering, the following benefits should be considered when deciding what to install on the floors of your home or business.

At the top of the list of benefits of carpet is health. Carpet has the ability to collect and hold dust, allergens, bacteria and many other contaminants until they can be properly removed. Emptying your carpet of these contaminants with regularly scheduled cleaning can help provide your home or business with a healthier indoor environment.

One of the most popular reasons carpet is chosen as floor covering is appearance. With so many different colors, patterns and even pile heights to choose from, carpeting can create the "look and feel" you want in your home or business. In fact, you can create a different style in another room just by changing the color or pattern of the carpet in a room.

Let's not forget the feel of carpet. Not only does it give a "softer" feel to a home, but it also lends itself as a surface for children to play or lay on. Try curling up in front of your fireplace on a hardwood floor. Carpet gives a certain feeling of warmth and comfort.       

Ever make noise in an empty room with hardwood floors? Without carpet, the sound just seems hollow and bounces around. Carpeting improves the acoustics in a room by absorbing sounds. Carpet acts to calm the noise of a room and provides an insulation value which can help save energy.

Among the benefits of carpet is ease of maintenance. Carpet as a floor covering is easier to maintain and costs less to maintain then hard surface flooring. Cleaning carpet is less labor intense than cleaning a wood or tile floor. This translates to a cost savings.

Even carpet can be part of the sustainability movement. New technologies allow old carpet to be recycled into new carpet. For the past several years now recycled plastic bottles have been used to make new carpeting. Re-purposing old carpet helps eliminate the need for raw materials.

The benefits of carpet are numerous and can be an excellent choice as a floor covering for your home or business.

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